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I got tagged by :iconhikaritenjou:... Well I don't understand much about this things... So I'll just try to do my best...


1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set up for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to chose 10 people to tag and post there icons on your journal.
4.Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5.No tag backs.
6.No junk in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.


1. On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the highest, how perverted do you think you are?
Mmm a 5... I think I'm a normal not too perverted yet not super-prude kind of person...
2. What is your favourite type of apple?
3. Quick! A random old man flashes you! What do you do?
It happened to me once as a child... it's not nice...(closed my eyes and hid behind my dad)
4. If you had the choice between hugging an angry Pikachu (who is bound to shock you)and participating in an eating contest against snorlax (who will sit on you when you lose) which would you pick? (ignore if you don't know anything about 1st gen pokemon)
The eating contest with Snorlax xD who cares if I can't win... I can eat nice things and nothing bad will happen to me if I lose.... right???
5. A person is dead in front of you. How did he die? (be creative )
I killed him/her, using my telekinetic powers to make him/her stand in a spot where a super fat cat was bound to fall(and kill random person as it landed)
6. Favourite manga/anime genre with one example please ^^
.... I can't choose 1.... ;___; I choose CLAMP.... It may not be a genre(it should be) but those kind of mindscrew mangas/animes are my taste... the pain and the cleverness they hold it's awesome! (Pandora Hearts it's also another good example)
7. Any dream cosplays? (you can choose not to cosplay~)
.... mmmm I can't escape huh.... well I choose Gumi :la:
8. What kind of pairings do you ship? (eg. I tend to ship most childhood friend pairings)
mmmm maybe I like densexhopeless suitor and forbidden(or difficult) love.... I love shipping :heart: really, so I don't think I have a specific  "type" ~~
9. Melee, ranged or magic?
.... I don't get this...
10. If you could have any weapon in the world to master/wield against an invasion of giant Bob the Carrots, what weapon would you choose?
Ehmmm I guess I would choose super tamed rabbits!

  • Listening to: Re·Fraction by GUMI - Kagamine Rin
  • Reading: Anne of Avonlea :3
  • Watching: Jormungand
  • Playing: with my mind~~
  • Eating: a blueberry muffin
  • Drinking: Coca Cola~~


Artist | Student | Varied
· Current Residence: Argentina, Buenos Aires
· Studying: Graphic Design
· Favourite genre of music: PoP & Rock

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Happy Birthday. ^^
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